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Letter from the CEO

The most important single piece of information I can share with you is that The Rawls Company, our affiliated companies and our strategic partners have a passion for business succession. We understand the various challenging dynamics of your environment and are gratified in helping business owners achieve their unique business succession goals. Our organization is dedicated to working with business owners and families who share this passion and understand the profound value of making a commitment for the succession of the business entity that they have worked so hard to develop. You will find our experience and concept of succession planning to be unique. We believe that effective succession planning depends upon addressing all the interdependent issues that can or will impact succession. Some of these issues are more important than others, but all issues have a significant impact upon the achievement of your goals. Foremost, we believe that irrespective of your long-Éterm goals, succession planning builds value. We are both honored and privileged that you have taken the time to visit our website and I would personally be delighted to respond to any of your specific questions. With best regards,

Seeking Succession,

Loyd H. Rawls, CEO & Founder