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Our Philosophy

The Rawls Company believes a "family business" is one where two or more people are gathered together for reasons other than money. Bloodline or not, you truly care about the welfare of each of your partners, managers, employees, and their families. Emotions run strong in family and business and can become an asset or liability to the business. To be successful, we believe you can’t run a family like a business and you can’t run a business like a family. Business succession is dependent upon a delicate balance between potentially conflicting business and family values and we are driven to encourage the pursuit of the balance needed for Succession Success. There is no business gain worth a family loss.

An ongoing process, not a project. We recognize each business is unique requiring a tailored approach to each situation. Our process involves a detailed plan based on your business, team dynamics and your vision for the future. Succession Success is dependent upon multiple, interdependent, long-term performance criteria, not just profits, but addressing critical factors impacting your family, management, and finances.

Succession planning is not a project but a process dependent upon continual review, update and refinement due to the changes of the 4 “F’s”: Feelings – Finances – Family/partner dynamics – Federal tax laws. A multi-Édiscipline, professionally endeavored plan for the continued success of a business legacy is best addressed through a well-Écoordinated team of highly motivated, diverse professionals. It requires everyone who is strategically involved to address personal and business issues, some of which are not easily talked about and typically result in long-Éterm change. We solicit the involvement of other advisors on the succession planning team and serve as the facilitator of this team initiative.

Succession Planning Builds Value. We believe by addressing the issues necessary for the continued success of a business, the process will enhance the value of the business. However, there is no one definition of value and success that fits all. You may define value and success as perpetuating your business legacy, social standing in the community, or cashing out and buying a big vacation home. There are many different perspectives of value, therefore, we will approach succession planning in a unique way based upon what "value" and "success" means to our clients. Regardless of the definition, successfully addressing the interdependent factors that are critical to business succession will impact business value.

  • Succession is the continuity of business success.
  • Succession planning is an ongoing process of improvement and preparation.
  • Addresses profitability and success within a business.
  • Allows you to choose your disposition decision – creditors, franchisors, vendors, employees and potential buyers will want to know your succession plan.
  • Succession planning impacts lives and perpetuates a legacy.