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Our Values
"Our only sustainable competitive advantage is our customer-minded attitude."

Our most valued and important business asset is our reputation of consistent business practices that convey without question that:

  • We have uncompromising integrity.
  • We have the best interest of our clients in mind at all times.
  • We address any issues that impact the continuity of business legacies.
  • We compassionately speak the truth, even when the truth is unpopular, to both our clients and our fellow associates.
  • We must prove our value on a daily basis. There is no assumption of future positioning based upon past performance.
  • We only work for the benefit of a total family or partnership and we will not represent fractional interests.
  • Our clients have a right to high expectations and our success is dependent upon a commitment to serve beyond expectations - "The difficult we can get done; the impossible may just take a few days."
  • We may not be able to totally please every client, but we will hold nothing back in an effort to do so.
  • In questions regarding family or business with respect to our clients, our colleagues and ourselves, we believe in and act according to the "family first" principle.
  • Our most valued and important business asset is our reputation.
  • We are not experts in all matters. We have no problem acknowledging what we do not know and we will do everything in our power to find a resource for the needed knowledge.
  • We solicit the involvement of other advisors on the succession planning team and serve as the facilitator of this team initiative. Succession planning is a multi-źdiscipline, professional endeavor best addressed through a well-źcoordinated team of highly motivated, diverse professionals.
  • We respect the privacy of clients, advisors and partners.
  • All unexpressed operating values reflect Judeo/Christian beliefs.
  • All employees and associates view every client as their client.
  • All employees and associates view each other as interdependent partners in a profoundly worthwhile endeavor.
  • There are no philosophical employees of The Rawls Group. We all serve one another as our talents provide. We are team members striving for common goals of first serving our clients and second achieving appropriate financial recognition to provide for our families.
  • We are a learning organization and place high value on regular education and skill development.
  • Our ultimate goal is to impact lives and perpetuate legacies.